Very Thick Sleeping Pads for Camping

If you need something enormously comfortable for outdoor sleeping, check this list with very thick sleeping pads for camping that are 10-15 cm thick.

So yes you are reading correctly all the pads here are in the range of 3.9-6 inches (10-15 cm). This is thick enough to provide excellent cushion and support even for side sleepers.

Just as I am writing this text, I am testing my own sleeping pad that you can see in the picture below. It is even thicker than the pads presented here in the text. In a couple of weeks, I shall be on my way to the mountains and I shall use it to sleep in the car and also in the official camps.

My own 19 cm thick sleeping pad.
My own 19 cm thick sleeping pad.

You have two main types here, inflatable and self-inflating. The latter type implies that you have some foam inside so this means that they are bulkier and heavier, but they also offer great insulation so you can use them even in the coldest environment. You will see also an example of an inflatable pad that has insulation.

The insulation feature is expressed through the pad’s R-value, so the higher the number the better. There is a correspondence between this R-value and the temperature, you can see a table with numbers in my separate text.

Both inflatable and self-inflating pads have lots of air inside, so it may be tricky to compress the pad and store it in its carry bag. So open the valves and start from the side that is without the valves. It is usually good to fold the pad to half its width and then start rolling. When you roll it completely, close the valves and unfold it, then start rolling again by keeping the pad pressed with your knees. You will see the remaining air collecting in the front, so open the valve at this point and finish rolling and then close the valve again.

But some pads have cleverly designed one-way valves, so just open the valve and roll. You can see this way in the video below that shows one of the greatest pads here in the list, have a look:

If you are not familiar with such products, you should know that here you have some of the best-known brands in this industry, and these are all very popular sleeping pads. There are big differences in the prices as you will realize from the list below.

So here is my list with these thick sleeping pads for camping ordered by thickness from less thick to thicker, have a look:

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You might want also to check our separate texts with best backpacking self-inflating sleeping pads and double sleeping pads for camping. Thank you for reading, please use the comment box below in the case of comments or questions.

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