Telescopic Tent Tarp Poles & Awning Poles

If you are looking for something to support your temporary outdoor or garden shelter, check this list with telescopic tent tarp poles and retractable awning poles, all easy to use, nicely packable, and lightweight.

Many tents on the market have vestibules or just door flaps that allow for awning configurations, and some of them come without extra poles to support such awnings. Having an awning is great whenever the weather is calm because it creates an extension of the tent’s useful space. So you get an area in the shade to sit during the day, and also to cook.

Normally, with smaller tents you do not need to buy extra poles, you can use your trekking poles as well. This is what I am doing all the time. But with taller camping constructions you will need some poles designed specifically for this purpose.

This is not always about tents and their awnings. You can create a minimalist shelter with your tarp. So if this is about an open terrain without trees, you will need a few poles, stakes, and guylines, as the picture below suggests.

Quick shelter created with telescopic poles.
Quick shelter created with telescopic poles.

Regarding the materials, these are usually aluminum telescoping tent poles but sometimes they can be made of steel as well. The design can be telescopic as mentioned in the title above, or they can be shock-corded and collapsible. In the video below you can see how to use such poles, this is an example of poles presented in the list below, please have a look:

So here is our list with telescopic tent tarp poles and awning poles ordered alphabetically, so this is not a ranking. These are all very versatile products and you can use them for camping, picnics, at the beach, and in the garden as well. Please have a look.

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Check also our texts with best cabin style camping tents, many of them use such poles for awnings. Let me know if you have any question or comment, there is a comment box below. Thank you for reading and have a nice day.

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