10 Portable Home Breathing Ventilators

Until very recently, it was very difficult to find these portable home breathing ventilators on the online market. But in view of the current situation in the world, there are some quite new models on the market. In this text you will see a variety of options currently available on Amazon.

This is a new and growing industry so there are sellers on Amazon and elsewhere that sell the same items under different names. These same products and many more are also available on AliExpress and the difference in prices can be significant. There may be extras for shipping costs, but it is worth checking. From what I have seen, in some cases the price difference is by a factor 3 or more.

Even on Amazon, there are the same breathing ventilators under different names but with different prices. So it makes sense to check carefully.

We tried to order the ventilators by the price but this did not work, it seems they are changing all the time or our selection tool is not working properly in this particular category. In any case, the home breathing ventilators in the list below are all different and the price range is by a factor 4 or so, at least as of the moment of writing this text. It is hard to predict how this industry will develop and what will happen with prices. I expect that they go down as more and more ventilators appear on the market.

As indicated in the title above, all of them are portable, but there are differences in weight, so you will see some that weigh 13 kg while some other models are around 7 kg or so. Note that we have yet another list with the oxygen concentrators with some different models. So here is our selection of home breathing ventilators, please have a look:

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