La Sportiva Mountaineering Boots for Men

I am completely convinced that nobody makes better shoes and boots than Italians. These La Sportiva Mountaineering Boots for Men are a great example.

If you are a mountaineer, then you know that people claim you have to walk 100 miles to properly break-in your new mountaineering boots. This is close to reality, I have suffered a lot with some of my previous boots of this type. Some of them are with rigid soles and this does not make them very comfortable.

With such heavy boots, in every step you touch the ground with your heel first. Then the foot pivots until it is on the ground with the full bottom, and then this rotational movements continues and repeats. In the process, you will first feel pressure on the back where the collar ends, after that you will feel it on the front. After hundreds of steps, this can be uncomfortable.

As mentioned, some of them are designed with stiff soles so that you can use them with the appropriate mountaineering crampons. In time, the soles will eventually get slightly curved shape but they remain almost completely rigid.

I have suffered a lot with my previous mountaineering boots, I would rather not mention the name of the brand out of respect because they make truly reliable footwear. So when I first saw these yellow boots of La Sportiva shown in the top picture above, and realized how stiff they were, I was expecting the same problems.

But I can tell you that this was not so. I did have several tens of kilometers of walk in these boots around the area where I live before going to the mountains. I was pleasantly surprised with how comfortable these boots were. They are heavy, insulated, and incredibly strong.

La Sportiva factory is located in Ziano di Fiemme in the heart of the Italian Dolomites and they employ around 250 people. They have been making mountaineering boots for almost a century already. I normally do climbing in this and the surrounding areas every year.

You will see several of their boots below with their yellow leather. So this is also something special, they obtain this leather from yet another Italian brand with an incredible history, the Perwanger brand that has been in the leather industry since 1780. So these people know how to make boots.

I think I do not exaggerate in saying that La Sportiva has become almost a synonym for heavy mountaineering boots. However, they make all sorts of outdoor shoes and boots, and you can realize this when you inspect their site of when you check them on Amazon.

But this text is about their strongest mountaineering boots and you will see some of them shown below. You have several of them here that you can use even in Himalayas. So please have a look and follow the links for more.

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Note that we have quite a number of texts here with boots, so just look around if you need something different. Check in particular these best Scarpa mountaineering boots for men. This is a brand from the same region in Italy, and with a long tradition in this industry.

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