Helinox Chair Accessories (for Increased Functionality & Comfort)

Here we have prepared for you the list of all Helinox Chair Accessories currently available on the market, designed to increase functionality and comfort of their ultralight camping chairs.

Helinox brand is best known for its ultralight and compact outdoor chairs. Some of them are so lightweight that they can be used as backpacking chairs.

With so light chairs sometimes some features are missing because they are not essential for the trail. So they build accessories that can be used when it is convenient for you, or you can leave them at home to shed the weight in your pack. Typical examples of this type are Helinox rocking rails that you can attach to the legs and convert the chair into a rocker, and also the Helinox Attachable Canopy which you will see in the list below.

But they also build accessories that increase the functionality of their chairs. Great examples are the Helinox Protective Ground Sheet and also their Helinox Accessory Ball Feet. Both of these will allow you to use their chairs on a very soft ground without sinking.

Helinox products are far from affordable, but you should know that they come with incredible warranty conditions. Typically this is 5 years warranty or so. This is an investment but the product you buy will last for years and you can rely on it.

So here is the list with the Helinox Chair Accessories, please have a look:

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