Heated Portable Chairs for Camping & Sport Events

Since you are here then you know, there are heated portable chairs on the market, and here you have a nice collection, all folding, easy to use, and at a reasonable price. Keep reading.

How these heated folding chairs work

Well, you can guess, this is about batteries. In some cases you have a power pack included and in some not, this affects the price as you will see when you compare some of the items in the list below. Normally you will have several levels of heating and this will determine the heating time.

The heaters are usually in the seat, but in some cases you have them on the backrest as well.

Other features

There are different types here and this determines the features of the chairs. Some are really full of features that include storage pouches, a cup holder, armrests (that can be soft or solid), a reclining back, a headrest, some padding, a great packed size, a carry bag, etc.

But you will see also an example that is a heated add-on, and you can use it on any existing outdoor chair, as well as on the car chair. Note that we have separate lists with heated jackets for men and for women, as well as heated pants.

So here is our list with heated portable chairs, we shall add new items when we find something worth adding here. This is why you might want to bookmark this text and check occasionally.

No products found.

Editor’s Choice

This is our top choice chair from the list above:

The Hot Seat Heated Portable Chair









  • Reclining design
  • Easy to use
  • Folding
  • Storage pouches
  • Cup holder
  • Great price


  • A bit heavy
  • Battery pack not included

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