Heated Portable Chairs for Camping & Sport Events

Since you are here then you know, there are heated portable chairs on the market, and here you have a nice collection, all folding, easy to use, and at a reasonable price. Keep reading.

How these heated folding chairs work

Well, you can guess, this is about batteries. In some cases you have a power pack included and in some not, this affects the price as you will see when you compare some of the items in the list below. Normally you will have several levels of heating and this will determine the heating time.

The heaters are usually in the seat, but in some cases you have them on the backrest as well.

Other features

There are different types here and this determines the features of the chairs. Some are really full of features that include storage pouches, a cup holder, armrests (that can be soft or solid), a reclining back, a headrest, some padding, a great packed size, a carry bag, etc.

But you will see also an example that is a heated add-on, and you can use it on any existing outdoor chair, as well as on the car chair. Note that we have separate lists with heated jackets for men and for women, as well as heated pants.

So here is our list with heated portable chairs, we shall add new items when we find something worth adding here. This is why you might want to bookmark this text and check occasionally.

4Tek - Heated Portable Chair - 3 Heat Levels | Outdoor - Camping - Sports - Stadium | Orange & Black | Large Seat - Includes Battery Power Bank…
  • 3 different heat settings with a battery life of 2 hours on high
  • Portable power pack included (removable)
  • Insulated and mesh storage for up to 4 beverages at one time
  • 275-pound capacity
  • 1-year warranty guaranteed
Chaheati Maxx Heated Chair Mossy Oak, Camo
  • Oversized chair and seat tubes
  • Includes 11.1 Volt Lithium rechargeable battery and charger
  • Push-button control
  • Carrying case included
POP Design The Hot Seat, Heated Stadium Bleacher Seat, Reclining Back and Arm Support, Thick Cushion, 4 Storage Pockets Plus Cup Holder, Extra Wide Feature, Battery Pack Not Included
  • BEST SEAT IN THE STADIUM: The Hot Seat features adjustable USB-powered heating technology (portable USB battery not included). Safely penetrates into the body to relax and warm your muscles at any outdoor or indoor events. Three different heat levels and a simple push of a button can warm up your seat up to 115 degrees Fahrenheit. Works with ANY USB battery pack and lasts for hours. Simply plug the USB cable into the USB Port of your battery and feel the warmth!
  • BENEFITS OF A HEATED CHAIR: Keeps the blood moving to the extremities to allow you to sit long periods of time with more comfort during any season. Heat can help avoid sore muscles after long periods of being seated. The adjustable heat will help you focus on the game rather than how cold or uncomfortable you are. With warmth and comfort built into the chair, you will not have to carry extra necessities like blankets or portable heaters.
  • VIP SEATING: As roomy as a first-class airplane seat, Hot Seat’s High-Density Foam Cushion supports and cradles your lower back and tush. The Padded Armrests help prevent back fatigue, so you can be comfortable during any event or outing. The Hot Seat comes with 6 reclining positions. For a wider seat simply fold down the armrests and enjoy 20 inches of padded comfort. The Hot Seat is also extremely portable and compact for effortless carrying and stowing away.
  • AMPLE STORAGE AND WATER RESISTANT: The Hot Seat comes with 1 oversized pocket for larger items and 3 smaller pockets for smaller quick-access items. Also, keeps your drink from spilling with the handy hidden cup holder. With a waterproof bottom and water-resistant material, the Hot Seat is perfect to protect you from wet bleachers.
  • QUALITY BACKED BY GUARANTEE: We always thrive for 100% customer satisfaction. That’s why offering a 2-year warranty for the Hot Seat was a no-brainer for us. If anything is not to your complete satisfaction, simply reach out to us and we will make it right! Guaranteed.
Chaheati MAXX Heated Add-On Seat
  • Attaches to existing camping chairs with hook-and-loop fasteners.
  • Includes 11.1 Volt Lithium rechargeable battery and charger
  • Three temperature settings

Editor’s Choice

This is our top choice chair from the list above:

The Hot Seat Heated Portable Chair









  • Reclining design
  • Easy to use
  • Folding
  • Storage pouches
  • Cup holder
  • Great price


  • A bit heavy
  • Battery pack not included

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