New Deuter Aviant Voyager Backpacks Series

Recently, Deuter has launched a new mini-series under the name Deuter Aviant Voyager Backpacks, and it includes two separate packs for men and women. Both come with an included detachable fully functional daypack.

So the series includes the following packs:

  • Deuter Aviant Voyager 65 + 10 Pack for men.
  • Deuter Aviant Voyager 60 + 10 SL Pack for women.

What is in the names

If you are curious about the +10 in their names, this describes the fact that the packs have an expandable collar design with two drawcords. So when you have extra things to pack, you simply expand it and you have 10 extra liters of volume. The top lid is floating to adjust to such an expansion.

The smaller pack for women has the letters SL in the name, and this means ‘slim line’. The meaning is that the harness is narrower to fit women’s body shape. But there are several other features that make it a women-specific design, like a different position for the sternum strap, a different profile of the hip belt padding and the lumbar padding, softer buckles, different colors.

The most important features

• These packs come with an adjustable torso length. You have a very reliable ladder-type system in place so you move the harness up or down and fix it in place with Velcro tabs. Deuter is using this system in several of their best-known series.

• There is a bottom compartment with its own zippered entrance and a zippered divider inside.

• There is also a large U-shaped front zippered access to the main compartment.

• The packs come with a transportation zippered bag that you use to store the pack inside and to avoid damages when you travel. This bag also doubles as a rain cover.

• One of the great features is the removable and fully functional daypack which comes stored in a large sleeve on the front of the main pack. The picture below shows the daypack with its fully padded shoulder straps.

This is the detachable daypack.
This is the detachable daypack.

Note that you can attach this daypack on the front as well. There are loops on the shoulder harness of the main pack for this purpose.

So have a look at these Deuter Aviant Voyager packs, what you will see are backpacks built in the best tradition of Deuter, durable and reliable, built to last for many years. Perhaps you did not know, Deuter started making packs in the 19th century, and this is what they have been doing ever since, so they know how to make packs.

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Please see how I rate packs from this series:

Deuter AViANT Voyager




Craftsmanship & features





  • Great features.
  • Very reliable.
  • Top-quality craftsmanship.
  • Great capacity.
  • Daypack bonus.
  • Rain cover bonus.


  • Heavy.
  • Expensive.


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