Best Wood Burning Tent Stoves (for Heating & Cooking)

Here you have our collection with the best wood burning tent stoves currently on the market. It includes collapsible and non-collapsible stoves for tent heating and for cooking.

The term collapsible implies that some of these stoves pack nicely and become thin for transportation. These are usually among the lightest stoves here in the list. The weight difference among various stoves here is huge, by more than factor 10 or so. Therefore if the weight is very important please inspect the list carefully.

All of the stoves here are suitable for cooking and for heating of the tent. They come with an integrated stove pipe so you need an appropriate tent that has a pipe flap with the corresponding diameter. You will see some in my list with best bell-shaped tents and much more in our list of tents with stove jacks. Note also that we have a separate list with tents’ heaters.

Regarding the materials, you have wood-burning stoves for tents that are built from steel (stainless steel, painted steel, or cast iron) and titanium stoves. Titanium is a very strong metal and this is why such stoves are usually very light.

So here is our list with tent stoves for wood burning, please have a look:

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Editor’s Choice Wood Burning Stove

After checking all the wood-burning stoves in the list above, here is my best choice:

Winnerwell Nomad View Large Tent Stove











  • Great quality
  • Great features
  • Portable stove
  • Windows


  • Expensive

Thank you for reading. Let us know what you think and rate this product in the comment box below. Check also our separate list with best 2-burner camping stoves. Have a nice day.

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