Best Winter Tents With a Stove Jack

If you plan winter camping with a wood-burning tent stove, you will want to check this list of winter tents with a stove jack ready for such stoves. So keep reading.

In our separate text, we gave a list with some great wood-burning tent stoves. All of them are stoves with pipes so you will need an appropriate stove jack in your tent. It is possible to order such an element and put it on your existing tent. This must be done carefully to avoid leaks because such stove jacks are usually on the roofs and therefore exposed to the rain. So you might want also to buy a tent that comes with such an integrated flap built-in professionally.

Note that the tents are given alphabetically by the manufacturer name and by the name of the tent, so this is not a ranking. In some cases this alphabetic order is not so obvious as sometimes the manufacturer name is missing from the actual title given for the tent. Making a strict ranking does not make much sense in view of a variety of types that you have here. But we give Editor’s Choice tent at the bottom of the text.

Regarding the type, you have the following options here:

  • Cabin style tents with straight and tall walls. This type offers more volume than any other type, but their setup usually takes more time than what you need for the other types. These tents are usually freestanding, pleasant, and with windows.
  • Bell-shaped tents. These are very tall structures and typically with a single central pole plus a door frame pole. Note that this type is not freestanding.
  • Dome tents. This type is the most aerodynamic, easy to use, and usually among the lightest.
  • Teepee-style tents that are in some way similar to the bell tents.

Regarding the materials, you have:

  • Cotton canvas tents, or poly-cotton tents with a mix of cotton and polyester.
  • Synthetic tents.

Regarding the stove jack position, you can have it on the roof or on the side, or at both places.

Regarding the stove, note also that there are some options here in the list where the stove is included in the package. This is very convenient because you will be sure that the stove and its pipe really fit the tent and its stove jack.

So here is our list with best winter tents with a stove jack for camping, hunting, fishing, and expeditions in cold environment. Note that there are some of them that are Amazon Prime products so you can have them shipped for free. There is always a number of them that are on sale, these are with the green Sale tab. With such tents, you will need a winter sleeping bag as well.

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Editor’s Choice

Here is our favorite among the tents in the list, it is expensive but with really great features and with a stove included in the package:

Russian-Bear Winter Tent with Stove Pipe Vent











  • Incredibly easy to use
  • Stove included
  • Suitable for harshest conditions
  • Hinged door


  • Expensive

You might want also to check our list of best tents for camping in the rain. Thank you for reading. Let us know what you think and rate this product in the comment box below. Have a nice day.

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