Best Ultrasonic Room Humidifiers

To avoid problems caused by dry air at home you might want to consider using some of these best ultrasonic room humidifiers, Amazon bestselling products of this type with thousands of reports by users.

Such a humidifier will inject moisture in the air and improve its quality, and with this your health as well. It may reduce issues with cracked hands and chapped lips. These humidifiers can be found in various departments on Amazon, you can have them under the category vaporizers, aromatherapy diffusers, humidifiers, etc. So if you search it can be confusing, and this is why the list given below will help, the items here are collected from the bestsellers in such different categories.

What you have here are electrical devices with a diaphragm vibrating at an ultrasonic frequency and this creates water droplets that spread from the humidifier as a mist or fog. This may be helped with an integrated fan, but there are types without fans and these are very quiet, suitable for bedrooms and for people sensitive to sounds.

The terms ‘vaporizers’ or ‘aromatherapy diffusers’ usually imply that those devices heat or boil water and release warm steam in the air. So you can add some medical inhalants to help reduce coughs and allergy irritations.

You will also realize that most of them are very compact so these are portable room humidifiers and you can move them from room to room or even carry with you when you travel.

Are ultrasonic humidifiers dangerous?

I have seen this question being asked frequently, so no worry. These are clever designs and you will see that they switch off automatically if there is no water inside.

On the other hand, they operate at ultrasonic frequencies typically around 2.4 MHz, and we humans are created to hear in the range 20 Hz to 20 kHz, this is the sonic range and this is far below the frequency of these humidifiers. This is too high even for bats, some of them emit ultrasounds in the range 14 – 100 kHz and this is far below the frequencies here.

Can you use tap water in an ultrasonic humidifier?

It is best to use distilled water or demineralized water because it is almost free from minerals. These ultrasonic room humidifiers break up water particles and if there are minerals inside they will be disbursed around and invade your lungs, and will also build up in the unit. You will always have clear instructions about this in the specifications.

As mentioned above, some of these ultrasonic room humidifiers heat water so if you use tap water this may cause minerals deposited on or around the heating element, and you will have to clean with vinegar or citric acid. Much more about these gadgets in general you can read on Wikipedia.

Can you use boiled water in a humidifier?

Boiled water will not remove the minerals mentioned above. The same holds with any bottled water, so use distilled water as the best possible option. In the area where I live we have lots of limestone in the tap water.

So I did some experiments, take a cup of water and boil it in a shallow pan until everything evaporates. The result is some white limestone dust on the bottom of the pan. So this dust would be dispersed in the air and eventually finished in my lungs. Try this with any type of water you have and test, this is a simple way to know if there is limestone inside.

So back to the issue of boiling water, boiling will kill bacteria if they are present in the water, but minerals will not be removed.

But these tools need some maintenance in any case. Please see this video showing how to clean such a humidifier:

So here is our list of best ultrasonic humidifiers for home use ordered by ascending price. As you realize, they are very affordable and you have some really cool designs. If you follow the links you will realize that some of them have tens of thousands of reports by users. This is a lot of valuable information and you know what you are buying. Have a look:

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Thank you for reading. You might want also to check our separate list where some other types of room humidifiers are presented. So not all humidifiers are ultrasonic.

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