Best Ultralight Sleeping Bag Liners

Here you have prepared for you my selection of best ultralight sleeping bag liners, versatile and built from various materials, suitable for any environment, and from best-known outdoor brands.

Why using a sleeping bag liner

If you have ever been in a cold environment, then you surely know how important layering is to preserve your body warmth. This holds for clothing as well as for sleeping stuff. In the case of outdoor sleeping, you normally have sleeping bags that can be combined with camping sleeping bag liners, and this is in focus here.

There is a great variety of materials used nowadays for such liners. So you can have silk as an ultralight, pleasant, and smooth option that fits every material used for the outer sleeping bag fabric. Some are constructed from cotton, but you can also have fleece.

Now, fleece itself can have several sub-types that can have different thickness and, quite generally, this material should be used if you know you will be camping in an extremely cold environment.

Note also that there are insulated sleeping bag liners on the market, and you will see some great examples in the list below. This type you can use in extremely cold conditions in combination with a sleeping bag for cold weather, but you can use it also on its own instead of a regular sleeping bag for warm weather camping.

There are clever designs on the market so that you can attach such a liner to the sleeping bag. This is convenient for people like me who turn a lot in the bag, so adding such an extra layer can cause a mess in the bag.

Yet another good reason for having such a sleeping bag liner is hygiene. Namely, all these liners are easy to maintain and to clean, they are normally machine washable. You know well that it is easier (and advisable) to wash such a liner than an expensive sleeping bag.

Bulkiness & weight

There are big differences in the packed size of these sleeping bag liners, and this is related to their materials and purpose. So fleece liners are generally bulky but they are also very warm. Note that micro-fleece or microfiber can indeed be nicely packable and very pleasant. But obviously, nothing can match silk when this is about small packed size.

I use the word ‘ultralight’ in the title, however, there are big differences in the weight of liners in the list below. This is on purpose because I have tried to include various representatives in the list. This is related to the versatility mentioned in the paragraph below. So some are heavier but they are indeed very warm. The terms light and heavy can only be understood in combination with what such liners offer.

There are double-wide liners that you can combine with sleeping bags for two people, so these are naturally heavier and bulkier that the rest.


  • As mentioned, some of the sleeping bag liners are warm enough to be used instead of sleeping bags for warm weather camping.
  • On the other hand, the thinnest and the lightest of them can be used for travel if you know that you will be sleeping in accommodations where you would rather have your own bedding.
  • There are mountaineering huts in some parts of the Alps where you are expected to bring your own liner to use in the bed together with the blankets which huts normally provide. But even if this is not compulsory, you would want to have your own liner because they do not provide clean bedding for new guests, in most huts this is simply not possible.
  • Such liners are a good option for sleepovers.
  • You can always use such a liner as a convenient blanket in the camp.

So here is my list of best ultralight sleeping bag liners that are currently on the market. You should know that some of the brands presented here are the top in the outdoor industry, take Sea to Summit as an excellent example. These are among the most popular liners on Amazon and with all the good reasons. Please follow the links for more.

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