17 Best Tents for Camping in the Rain

If you expect lots of precipitation during your next planned outdoor adventure, you will want to check this list with best tents for camping in the rain, all top-rated products from the best-known brands in this industry. Keep reading.

How to choose a tent for camping in the rain

Obviously, the tent is supposed to keep you dry but this is not all. So here are a few things given in no particular order, to bear in mind when you choose the tent:

  1. Usually, it is best to go for a tent with a full-coverage fly and there are several reasons for that. The less exposed seams, zippers, windows, and similar elements, the better. When you have such details, many things can go wrong and this increases chances for a leak.
  2. Such full-fly tents usually imply one or two vestibules. Having this feature is a bonus because you have some extra storage area for your gear. But sometimes it may be annoying wrestling with the zippers on such vestibules. If this is how you feel, you might want to choose a tent that is without a vestibule, while the fly covers it almost completely. You will see some great examples in the list.
  3. You might still decide to go for a partial coverage fly, there are many great cabin-style reliable tents with such a fly. In such a case it is good to choose a model with an awning or with a brim above the door. This allows for dry entry.
  4. On the other hand, such full-fly tents tend to be very aerodynamic as well, this is because most of them are dome-style tents. Though, there are even cabin tents with a full fly.
  5. Have you ever tried to pitch a tent in the rain? If so, then you know that before you add the fly, everything is already soaked with water. This is why it may be useful to go for a tent with external poles. There are some great options of this type on the market and you will see them here in the list.
  6. There are manufacturers from areas where rain is quite common. This may include those from a warm and wet climate like Brazil, and also areas with a cold and wet climate like Scotland. So no worry, you are covered here, you will see some tents from NTK which is a Brazilian brand, and also from Vango that is from Scotland. They are supposed to know how to build rain tents.
  7. If you camp in the area with long intervals with rain, you will want to have a tent that offers at least some comfort. So it is good to have a living room with a stand-up height. This is very typical for tents built for the EU market, and you will see them here.
  8. If there is no living room, then you will want to have a tent with a well-protected porch where you can do the cooking.
  9. Cold areas with rain may imply lots of issues with ventilation and condensation. A full-coverage fly without vents is like a sarcophagus. So make sure that you have fly vents.
  10. You will want to check the waterproof rating of the tent. But I would want to add a few comments related to this issue. Even with a minimal rating of 800 mm or so, you may be just fine on condition that the seams are properly sealed. If this is not so, then even a 5000 mm rating will be useless. This is all about water column pressure, so a tent’s fly can never experience such a high water column, but you might want to have some good value for the tent’s floor. This is because of the pressure you make on the floor and this can lead to leaks if the rating is not good enough.

Perhaps not all of these features are of importance to you, so make a priority list and then choose appropriately. So here is my list with best tents for camping in the rain given alphabetically, so this is not a ranking. Please have a look and follow the links for more.

NTK Laredo GT 8 to 9 Person 10 by 15 Foot Sport Camping Tent 100% Waterproof 2500mm
  • SPACIOUS 9 to 10 Person (adults/kids), 1 Roomy Door, 3 Windows Tent Designed for Easy Assembly with color coded poles. Super 6.2 FT height for maximum comfort.
  • FULL COVERAGE RAINFLY: Double layer 190T polyester laminated with polyurethane 2500 mm water column, partially aluminum coated, heat-welded PU seam sealed and UV protection, Large covered mesh vents provide even more ventilation. Inner tent: Large D-style doors with mosquito mesh for great views and ventilation. Roomy utility pockets for extra storage.
  • FRAME: 100 percent virgin NANO-FLEX shock corded fiber glass rods with improved diameter and double gold plated ferrules. Aluminum Pin-and-ring system for easy and quick setup.
  • MOSQUITO MESH: Inner tent fully breathable with generous Ultra-thin polyester no-see style mesh keeps you safe from smallest insects and mosquitoes while offering some privacy from side view (when not using the rain-fly).
  • FLOOR MATERIAL AND DESIGN: Heavy duty anti-fungus seamed polyethylene with inner silver coated layer keeps you dry and protected enhanced by the unique element barrier bathtub-style construction (you won't wake up in a puddle). Front door mat included. Security: Meets CPAI-84 flammability requirements.  SUPER STRONG and wide zipped carry bag for extra convenience with ID label to personalize your tent.

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