Best Rated Warm Women’s Walking Boots

Here you have my selection of the best rated warm women’s walking boots suitable for cold weather, in a variety of styles and materials, and with great price tags.

The focus here is on boots and on warmth, so all these products are with either mid or high collar design and with soft and warm inner lining and collar edge. The materials are either synthetic or leader, and you will see also vegan options in the list. The sole is usually rubber for optimal all weather traction.

Featured model: Brütting Women’s Himalaya Snow Boots

The boots shown in the top picture above are the Brütting Women’s Himalaya Snow Boots, we bought them recently in our local outdoor shop simply because my wife could not resist. The boots fit like gloves, they are incredibly light and with a nice padding inside and on the top of the collar. This looks like a fleece or something similar.

We went to the shop to buy Lowa Renegade Boots, but when my wife spotted these boots, this was the end of the story, and frankly speaking I would do the same. By the way, their price was more than 2 times lower than the mentioned Lowa boots.

I am not really sure (yet) if they are really for snow as their name suggest, I am writing this text in the mid of Autumn, and we do not have much of snow in any case. But these are boots for cold weather, pleasant and soft, and with the out-of-the-box comfort, there is no break-in time.

If you are not familiar with this brand, Brütting is a German company established only one year after the second world war in Nuremberg, read more on Wikipedia. This is a brand well-known inside the EU, and I have seen their boots at various places.

This particular model, the Himalaya Snow Boots, has been around since 2012 or 2103. I would add that this is not surprising when you see how nicely designed they are. So everything is known about these boots, they have been tried and tested by many and you know what you are buying.

These boots come with what they call the Comfortex climate-membrane, this means they are breathable and water resistant, so I would not describe them as truly waterproof. The sole is the best you can have, this is a Vibram product that guarantees the high-end user maximum comfort and durability.

But if you still want something different, no worry, below you can see some of the best-selling boots from the departments of women’s mid-calf boots and women’s snow boots. I have listed them alphabetically so this is not ranking. As you realize from the short descriptions and the pictures, you have them in a variety if materials and also in the variety of shapes. Please follow the links for more.

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For more options please check under the category Items for Women. Thank you for reading. Let me know if you have questions or comments, there is a comment box below.

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