Best Rated Cool Mist Humidifiers Without Filters

If you are in search of a device to improve air quality at home without too much recurrent expenses, check this list with best rated cool mist humidifiers without filters.

For those who are new in this perhaps it is best to describe the terminology first. To start with the term ‘humidifier’ which quite generally describes a device that adds extra humidity into the room air.

How much humidity do you really need, and what is this extra? Well, it turns out it is best to keep the humidity level around 50%. There are several reasons for this, and one is that this is a critical humidity range at which some viruses cannot survive long on surfaces at home. Much more about humidifiers you can read on Wikipedia.

The term ‘cool mist’ here implies that there are no heaters that would create vapor, and this also means there are no extra expenses for electricity. Note that this term ‘cool mist’ simply implies the mist created at the room temperature.

So how is vapor created? The most popular type are ultrasonic humidifiers where such high-frequency waves force a membrane to oscillate and in the process, the mist is created and dispersed into the air with a fan.

But there are some other clever options as well, and you will see a few examples in the list below. By this I mean devices that are also called air washers, and this means you have both humidifier and purifier in one machine. This sounds great and these are indeed versatile and very clever designs.

The term ‘without filters’ used in the title means that there are no extra expenses for replacing filters. So this is yet another great feature and one possible reason why you would want to go for such a type of humidifier. But note that in some cases this can also imply that such a device has its integrated permanent filter that you need to clean occasionally.

Now, are there any bad sides of a cool-mist humidifier? After all, there are warm-mist humidifiers on the market, and this must be for some good reasons.

The answer is yes, there are. A cool-mist humidifier is a device with water kept at room temperature and as you can imagine it can develop mold. It is, therefore, necessary to keep them clean. So you will be cleaning them probably more frequently than warm mist humidifiers.

Partly related to this is the type of water used in such cool mist humidifiers. So in most cases, it is advisable to use distilled water. Such water is clean and the device will stay clean longer, and you have less cleaning. Yet another reason for distilled water is to avoid white dust that may deposit from the mist on the items in the room.

But here again it is necessary to stress that some of these devices are designed to work with ordinary tap water and they need no extra expenses for distilled water. The downside of such items is that they are usually more expensive. In this group you have the previously mentioned air washers, there are a couple of examples in the list below.

One more thing to stress here, all these devices are what you could describe as room humidifiers. So these are relatively small and portable items that you can easily move from one room to another. You can use them on the floor or on a tabletop, and some can be so small that you can carry them in the bag.

But there are differences among them, and this more or less corresponds to the size of their water tanks. Those with larger tanks will be able to humidify larger rooms.

This makes them different from the devices that are in the group of humidifiers for the whole house, and this type is not presented here.

These are smart devices and you can realize this from this short video where one of them is presented:

So here is our list with the best rated cool mist humidifiers without filters, and it is time to explain the term ‘best rated’ as well. So these are the most popular items of this type on Amazon. Some have been on the market for some time already and have tens of thousands of reports by users. In other words, everything is known about them, so please follow the links and read more.

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Note also that many of these air humidifiers are available at Walmart to, so please follow this link and check the prices. Thank you for reading and have a nice day.

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