Best Price Salomon Hiking Boots for Men

When I think about affordable, exceptionally light, and incredibly comfortable outdoor boots the first brand that comes to mind is Salomon. So read here about best price Salomon hiking boots for men.

I am a proud owner of a few pairs of Salomon boots and shoes, and I have had them quite a number in the past. The pair shown in the picture above is the one I used this summer in the Slovenian Alps. One could think that they are not for such a harsh environment, after all they have the word “backpacking” in the name, but I can tell you their performance was excellent.

I was using them on purpose, wanted to test a pair of simple strap-on type crampons that are designed for easy snow crossing in early season. So I decided to use my new Salomon boots just as a test. In the first climb, I was pleasantly surprised with how they worked both with and without crampons. This is why I simply kept using them. In short, I did 5 day tours that included getting to the summits, and I did them one after another. Now I can confirm that I did not have any slightest sign of blisters or pressure spots. Simply amazing.

So if you think about out-of-the-box comfort, those Salomon Men’s Quest Prime GTX Backpacking Boots are to choose. I wish to stress again, as their name suggests, they are essentially for backpacking and hiking. But I used them as mountaineering boots and they were excellent. Ankle support was optimal, and the boots did great even on wet rock.

If you go to Amazon Bestsellers in the backpacking boots for men, you will always find several boots of Salomon. The same is with the Amazon department of hiking boots. One big reason for such a popularity is definitely the price, this brand is known for affordable but quality outdoor footwear.

Now, it may be a bit tricky to make a line between boots and shoes, and you will see them sometimes mixed. In my view, those that offer at least some ankle support should be described as boots, the rest is then shoes. So all Salomon hiking boots for men here in the list offer a good ankle support. Have a look and please follow the links for more.

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If you need something for high elevation mountaineering, you will want to check my list of best La Sportiva boots which I also use myself. For daily life and for hiking, I would warmly suggest these best Merrell hiking shoes for men. Thank you for reading. Let me know if you have questions or comment.

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