Best Portable UV Sterilizers

In the time of viruses people are trying to protect themselves in various ways, so read here about the best portable UV sterilizers as one way of dealing with germs.

It would be best to stress from the beginning that UV methods of dealing with germs have been around for over a century. The first large scale water treatment was used in France at the beginning of the 20th century, but this technology was used long before that, in 1877 for disinfecting surfaces. It has been used in hospitals ever since. In 2018 the global UV disinfection market was at the level of $1.1 billion, and it is growing.

This technology is becoming very popular recently because of the pandemic we are facing now and there is no doubt this is a great alternative to a variety of measures people are using currently. It affects both bacteria and viruses.

More precisely, this is what people call UVC light at the wavelengths around 265 nano-meters, that affects microbes, this is the area shown in the picture below.

UVC light range critical for microbes.
UVC light range critical for microbes.

The other two wave-ranges are known as UVA and UVB and this is what we experience when we are exposed to the sun for a couple of hours. With the UVC range, this is different, it is absorbed by the ozone layer and the atmosphere, so we are usually not exposed to it.

But this UVC light can be created in various sources and this is what the text is about. It is very important to stress that the UVC light is extremely harmful to humans and you should never ever be exposed to it. If it saves you from germs, it may bring skin cancer in return. So never use UVC light sources to sanitize hands or any other part of the body.

How does UVC light affect viruses and other germs

In short, it affects their DNA, some chemical bonds are created when germs are exposed to the UVC light, and this prevents them from replicating. So it is not exactly that it kills microbes, it prevents microbes from replicating. This makes them essentially harmless.

But if there are mechanical obstacles, a virus or bacteria may remain unaffected. This is why all surfaces must be exposed to the UVC light for some time and from various angles. So this disinfection or sanitization works best if the surface is first cleaned and then exposed to the UVC light source.

Also important to stress is there are more and more drug-resistant microbes, and this is what makes the UVC sterilizers even more popular. This technology is used in particular in hospitals, and this with good reasons. I have seen some claiming that in the US a few million people get infected only because going to hospitals, this is why it is so important to keep such places clean.

But the same is with public spaces where you are forced to go during the day, and this includes also your office, transportation vehicles, shops, and other similar places.

The point is that you can not always use the classical ways to disinfect objects that you will be touching. People cleaning such places cannot get to every segment of the area, and those you might touch and get infected. Also, chemicals used for disinfection can be corrosive and they cannot be used on some items. Then what remains is the UV-C light as a weapon against microbes. It is easy to use and it will get everywhere assuming that there are no physical obstacles.

As mentioned above, this UV sterilizers technology is currently used in hospitals, but also in airplanes, and in many other places. As you will realize, there are many portable UV sterilizers currently on the market, and they are more and more present around. They are becoming smaller, more versatile, and more affordable.

Please see a bit more in this video:

So here is our list with best portable UV sterilizers in a variety of shapes, suitable for travelers and for daily life, please follow the links to read more. These are also nice options as a gift for your family members and friends.

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