Best Oval Above Ground Swimming Pools

If you are in search of a perfect and robust amount of aquatic space for the family or for your daily workout, check this list with best oval above ground swimming pools. They are a great choice if you want to have your very own stay at home vacation space.

Why choosing the above-ground oval swimming pools?

If you compare oval above ground swimming pools with rectangular and circular, you will easily realize that although one dimension can be the same in all three types, you need far less water in oval pools than in the other two.

This is roughly depicted in the picture below where you see the profiles of the three types, and they all have the same maximum dimension, for the circular pool this is its diameter and for the other two this is the length.

An oval pool (blue line) has the same dimension but it needs less water.
An oval pool (blue line) has the same dimension but it needs less water.

Assume that the depth is the same, and also assume that the oval and rectangular pools have the same width as shown in the picture. Obviously, in the case of a circular pool, you will need far more water.

The oval pool has no corners and this is where you save the water, so its volume will always be smaller than in the other two. But its longer dimension is the same so you can do the same type of workouts. On the other hand, an oval pool simply looks cool, and it also takes less space in the garden.

Framed and side-wall type pools

There is a bit more to the benefits of the oval pools. They can be both framed and the so-called side-wall type. The former type (framed) implies a structure with a frame around, and the walls can be either soft or solid.

The latter (the side-wall) type is in most cases without a frame but there are exceptions. This clearly has to do with their strength because such structures can better withstand hydrostatic pressure of the water inside the pool, as compared to rectangular pools. In fact, I do not remember any rectangular pool without a frame.

If your space in the garden is limited, the frame will take a part of it, and you might want a structure that takes less space. So an oval pool without the frame would be a good choice.

Normally, there are many of such pools on the market, but due to the current situation with the coronavirus, sellers don’t deliver many of their products that are considered as unessential, and they focus on those that are more urgent.

This is why many of the pools on Amazon are ‘currently unavailable’. So it is indeed a bit hard to find those that can be ordered, and as of the moment of writing this text, the situation is changing by the day.

Nevertheless, the above-ground oval swimming pools listed below should be available, so please follow the links to check from your side, hopefully this is not changed. I have ordered them by the length from shorter to longer, have a look:

No products found.

Check also my list with best rectangular above ground pools. If you want something that is easier to move around, see these inflatable pools with top rings, they are cleverly designed without frames. As you see from the pictures above, with such pools you will need these heavy duties above ground swimming pool ladders and steps, so follow the link and check some great models.

You might want also to check our list with best above ground swimming pool solar heaters, easy to use items that will extend pool seasons for weeks.

Normally, many above ground swimming pools are always available also at Walmart, but oval pools are scarce. Please follow the link and check. Thank you for reading and have a nice day.

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