Best One Man Augers & Manual Small Post Hole Diggers

If you are in search of a manual small post hole digger you will want to check this list of best one-man augers & manual small post hole diggers that are currently available on the market. Keep reading.

Before buying in a local shop my own manual twist post hole digger shown in the top picture above, I did some research online and felt quite confused with all the options that were available. These manual small post hole diggers are affordable but the shipping price for my location was high. This is why I bought one in a local shop and I paid more than what was available online.

You will see below some options available on Amazon. But you might want to know why they look so different and where exactly you can use them. So after making the first holes and placing poles in the ground, I am now sure that the manual auger which I bought is best suited for compacted but not so hard ground. I had some tough clay at a few places but I was able to make holes without problems.

When you start drilling, the auger might go fast if the soil is soft, and it may get stuck in the ground. So it is best to twist a bit in the opposite direction, pull it out, and get rid of the dirt that is accumulated in its screw and the twist part. Then just put it back and continue. To drill, you have to turn it clockwise. It works the same way as you have in a classic wood auger.

The picture below shows what I did in an hour or so. As you realize, this was an elegant work without digging, the ground around was not disturbed in any way. It is true that I had some muscle pain in the shoulder area, but I am not physically strong and more importantly not used to such exercises.

The result after an hour of work.
The result after an hour of work.

Note that some of those augers can be used also for planting, they are versatile tools. Though the augers built exclusively for planting are always short. My own auger in the picture above is around 43 inches (109 cm) long, and the hole diameter that it makes is around 2.7 inches (7 cm). You will see below some with a larger diameter.

This length is good enough even for very tall poles. You will rarely have to drill more than 70 cm, so such an auger is perfect for the job.

But the story is different if you have some piece of stone in the ground, I had a few and this was a bit problematic. This is why it may be useful to have a tamping bar, you will see some in the list below. The reason is that you might be able to use such a bar and to put it in the hole and do some side blows to push the stone out of the way if the soil around it is soft enough.

This holds in particular if you make holes somewhere around the house where you can have a variety of obstacles in the ground. You simply never know what to expect, and moving the hole to the side in most cases is not an option.

An auger will not work if this is rocky ground, so think about the mentioned tamping bars. It is always good to have such a tool at home, you will need it for many jobs in the garden and around the house.

So here are some of the best one-man augers and manual small post hole diggers that are currently available on Amazon with a variety of types and prices. Please follow the links to see more.

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I am adding here texts about tools that I use myself, so have a look in the category Home & Garden, and let me know if you have questions. I am just an ordinary guy and I do some simple works in and around the house. From my experience, at least in the area where I live, it is really hard to find professionals to do some jobs for you. So no matter if you want or not, sometimes you have to do the job yourself. There is some pleasure in it after all, providing that you have the time of course.

There is a comment box below so let me know if you have questions. Thank you for reading and have a nice day.

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