Best Inflatable Swimming Pools for Kids

If you are in the situation that you cannot go to the beach or a pool with kids, then perhaps you can bring a pool to the kids. So check this list with best inflatable swimming pools for kids in various sizes and shapes, the best-selling items of this type.

Such inflatable swimming pools will provide endless fun for kids, to burn off their energy, and to beat the heat when they are out of school and outside in the garden during long and hot summer months. There are many options on the market, they are very affordable and you can order them online and have at home in a couple of days.

Things to consider

Child age & pool size

They build these swimming pools in various sizes so choose one that is appropriate for your kids. This is about kids’ safety, and it may not be possible to keep an eye on the kids all the time.

So if this is about toddlers, make sure you order something that is with a low water capacity and shallow enough. Also, choose one that is with a soft and inflatable bottom for improved safety if the kid slips and falls inside the pool.

Such shallow pools may be boring for older kids, so check carefully what best suits your kids. In the case of several kids you will want to go for a larger size pool.


You will want to check about the types of materials used in the construction, check about BPA-free materials and CPSIA, CPC, and ASTM certificates. This is about your kids and you do not want to take any risk.

It is good to go for models with individual inflatable sections, so in the case of a leak in one part, the whole structure will not collapse. Also, this is about materials that are supposed to stay exposed to the sun, so choose those that are durable and that will not deteriorate quickly in the sun.

These are relatively large structures and inflating takes time, so make sure you choose a pool that can be inflated with a pump.

Draining & deflating

If this is a larger pool, it is great to have a drain plug, so you can drain it and dismantle easily and quickly. For smaller toddler pools, simply tip it over, job done.

Some models will allow you to deflate by simply reversing the pump, this is the best option if you can have it. Otherwise, just open the valves and let the air go out, then fold and press to force the remaining air out.

Extra features

When you see the pools in the list below, you will know what to choose, you know your kids best and you will know what they might like. But think about slides, this is something all kids like, then there are models with sprays and sprinklers for lots of fun in the garden.

What if the water is cold?

Normally, the sun will do the job, just leave the pool with water for a while in a sunny place. But if you need to speed up the process, fill the pool partly with water and then add some boiled water to make a pleasant warm mix. If possible fill the pool with the hose attached to the home indoor faucet and use the warm water.

So here is our list with best inflatable pools for kids, please have a look:

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