Best Inflatable Family Camping Tents with Air Beams

Here you have my selection of best inflatable family camping tents with air beams, all very large yet easy to use products from the best-known brands in this industry.

The term inflatable tents describes shelters without solid poles. So you have air beams that support such a tent. Some of them may have one solid pole for a brim or porch support, but most of them are only with air beams.

This tent design has started more than a decade ago and it is becoming more and more popular. The first family camping tent of this type that I remember is a tent of Kelty. Currently, from what I see on the market, it is the Vango brand that is best known for such tents.

These inflatable tents can be found in all shapes, so you have dome, tunnel, and cabin tents on the market. You will see some great examples of these tents in the list below. Normally, you always get a manual pump included. With such a tool, one person can easily set the tent up in just a few minutes, no matter how big an air tent can be.

The air beams are always within some protective zippered tubes, so in the case of a leak, you can always get to the beam and check it. A repair kit is always included in the package. But this technology is has been improved in the past years and leaking is rarely an issue. Note that beams can never break no matter how strong winds you can have. The beams may bend, but they instantly restore their shape when the wind pressure drops.

Regarding materials, you have synthetic inflatable tents here and also cotton canvas or polycotton tents. So here is my list of best inflatable family camping tents ordered alphabetically so this is not a ranking. Please have a look and follow the links for more information.

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