10 Best Extra Large Camping Cots

Here you have a collection of impressive extra large camping cots and this means both extra-long as well as extra-wide camping cots, with lots of space to sprawl even for the tallest users.

To understand  what I mean by the word ‘extra’, here is what you have:

  • Regarding the length, the list includes the cots that are longer than 82.7 inches (210 cm).
  • Regarding the width, all of them are wider than 35 inches (89 cm).

Most of the cots in the list are of the type that is known as a military-style cot, and this implies X-shaped legs and also full frame around the bed, with the bars on the sides and at the ends. But there are a few that are slightly different. So you will see some examples of the cots without end-bars, and this means that the length is the true useful length, and some are with vertical legs reinforced with support bars.

These are all either folding or collapsible structures. The term collapsible in this particular list only implies that you have to add the two end-bars in the mentioned military-style cots, while all the other elements of such a cot are pre-attached to each other. This makes them different from true collapsible cots that need some assembly. So these giant cots are all very easy to use, but some of them may be quite heavy.

Note that most of them are very tall, so when you use such a cot in a tent you have lots of space underneath the cot to store your gear. As usual, when you sleep off the ground you need far less insulation. So for summer camping, you do not need sleeping pads except for extra comfort, and for cold-weather camping you should plan to add an insulated pad.

With such dimensions, it is normal to expect also a huge weight capacity. So indeed you will see some of the cots here that have the most impressive weight capacity on the market. This means 500 lb (227 kg) and even 600 lb (272 kg) as you will see in several of them. One of the most impressive of them is this cot shown in the video, please have a look:

These are camping cots but you can always use them at home as well, for sudden guests regardless of how tall and heavy they can be, or for emergency situations in general.

So here is our list of extra large camping cots ordered alphabetically so this is not a ranking. Please follow the links for more details.

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Note that quite a few of these cots are available at Walmart as well. You might want to check also our list with best rated low camping cots that can fit in any tent no matter how low. Please let me know if you have any comment or question, there is a comment box below. Thank you for reading and have a nice day.

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