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If you need a tool to deal with weed on your pathways around the house, check this text about my new electric weed torch and see also a few of the best electric weed burners currently available on the market.

I already have a few electric machines for maintaining my grass areas around the house, you can see the recent text about my new Black & Decker GL310 string trimmer. But recently, I have ordered one extra tool to try to get rid of the annoying weed that keeps appearing on the pathways and close to the walls that we have around.

If you search for such tools, you will realize that there are far more propane weed torches around. But I did not want that type because of the propane bottles that add weight and you have to replace or refill them all the time. On the other hand, we produce lots of electricity with our 30 solar panels so using my electric weed torch during a sunny day costs nothing.

You can see my new Thermo Kill electric weed torch on the top picture above. Below you can see the result of burning weed under a small wall in front of the house.

This is the result of weed burning with my electric torch.
This is the result of weed burning with my electric torch.

The point is that you do not have to see the weed really burning, the temperature from the nozzle will kill it and you will see the results of this day later.

The picture below shows the burning nozzle of my Thermo Kill weed burner. According to specifications, it is supposed to create a temperature of up to 600 C. It has an integrated switch with two power settings for its fan.

The hot air nozzle.
The hot air nozzle.

Frankly speaking, I am a bit skeptical about the mentioned temperature. Though the nozzle indeed becomes hot during the work, so this is why they have added this kickstand visible in the picture. When you place the hot burner on the ground, it is best to position it on this kickstand, otherwise, it can burn something underneath it.

Now, these tools are not really efficient, it takes time to go through all the areas where weed is growing, so the process is slow. But from my experience so far, this indeed works. The alternative is to use some chemicals or to remove the weed manually. Compared to the manual work, I can say that with the burner it is still easier. It is not heavy and you can stand upright so although the job is a bit boring, it is not difficult.

The mentioned nozzle is removable, and my burner arrived with one extra that is narrow and designed to focus the heat on a very small area. Apparently, this is to start a fire when you make a barbeque. So it can be used as a lighter. I have not tried this yet, but I already know that this is so because I was able to see the flame when the weed starts burning, and this was even with the wide nozzle shown above.

Here below you can see a few electric weed torches available on Amazon, they are ordered alphabetically so this is not a rating. Please follow the links to read more.

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