Best Above Ground Swimming Pool Solar Heaters

If you want to extend your pool season for several weeks and heat the pool for free, you will want to check this list with best above ground swimming pool solar heaters.

Why using such a solar heater should be obvious. If you have a pool, this should mean you are in the area where you already have sun heat, it is free and abundant. So why not use it a bit more than just harvest it passively with the water in the pool?

With a small initial investment, you can considerably change the pool water temperature and make it far more pleasant. With such a solar heater in place, the water will quicker than normal become warm in the morning, so this will extend the pool usage during the day.

Such a heater can be installed on the roof of the house or shed, or you can simply place it on the ground and keep there till the end of the season. You can always move it around, this is all flexible and easy to adjust to any surface. The principle of work is shown in this picture, it is all easy to use and to install, you do not need extra tools or any special skills for this:

The sun heats the water and the pump forces it into the pool.
The sun heats the water and the pump forces it into the pool.

The water from the pool is forced to circulate through the heat absorber (the solar heater) and then the heated water gets back into the pool and mixes with the water in the pool. This gradually increases the bulk water temperature. Clearly, to have an efficient system it is best to go for a larger heater. If you have no place in the garden, put it on any roof exposed to the sun, and it will work even better.

See how you can install such a swimming pool solar heater:

It is important to stress that when not in use, these solar swimming pool heaters do not take much space. You roll it up and store till the next season, see how it looks:

This is how a large 12-feet solar heater packs for storage.
This is how a large 12-feet solar heater packs for storage.

There is a variety of sizes and shapes and you will realize from the list below. So here is our list with above ground swimming pool solar heaters, please have a look and follow the links for more. These are all the most popular items currently on Amazon.

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Note that many of these or similar solar heaters are available also at Walmart, so follow the link and compare the prices and models. You might want also to check our text about above ground pool robot cleaners.

Thank you for reading. Check also our separate list with heavy-duty above ground swimming pool ladders and steps. Have a nice day.

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