About Products Checker Site

Products Checker IconWhen you search Amazon for some specific product or a group of products that fit under the same search phrase, you may not be aware of the fact that it can be available at different departments and in several different categories.

Also, if this is about some very popular items, there may be multiple sellers and due to competition, the prices can be very different and the items can be in different groups (categories) on Amazon). So you can miss the chance to find the best option for you. This is where we from Products Checker can help.

We at Products Checker are experts in keyword research on the Internet and we have access to the best search tools on the market. Therefore we are able to track the best Amazon prices for an item and present it to you.

In this site we show our results in two major ways:

  • Bestselling Amazon articles obtained by a thorough search through all Amazon categories and departments. You will see that such lists show current prices with eventual discounts, and all other details that can be of interest to you. Those include the rating by Amazon customers, the number of reports, eventual Amazon Prime option, etc.
  • Hand picked lists. In this case, we handpick some items from a certain group of items based on our experience, the quality of products, and the reliability of the manufacturer.

In addition to this, in the Blog section here we provide some essential information about various products or group of products, trends, news, etc., so that you can make an informed and educated choice.

This site is growing fast so give us some time, new content is added on daily basis and under a variety of categories. So bookmark it and visit from time to time.

Jay, founder of productschecker.com

E-mail: support@productschecker.com